About Horizon Tourscapes

We make amazing trips in that you will love.

Horizon Tourscapes was founded with the mission of making group bus travel across Europe accessible and affordable.

Our staff includes experienced drivers, licensed tour guides, logistics coordinators and customer service representatives. While the company has expanded over the years, our commitment to providing safe, enjoyable and reasonably priced tours has remained constant.

We now offer different scheduled bus tours spanning destinations across the European Union. Our ever-expanding list of tour options features popular cities and hidden gems alike. And through our private charter services, we can customize a tour to almost any specifications.

Horizon Tourscapes is headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia. We hand-pick our drivers based on their safe driving records, reliability and local knowledge. Our guides are trained not just to recite facts, but to offer insights and tell intriguing stories about each place we visit.

We invite you to explore Europe with us! Read more about our team, services and safety policies or contact us today to start planning your bus tour adventure.

Our Team

Vidomir Dujmovic


Franjo Medic



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